LT Hub - 4 Port w/o Rackmount

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LT Hub - 4 Port w/o Rackmount

Television on Cat 5/6 - A Great Alternative to Coax!

The Lynx Television Network delivers digital and analog television (RF) on a Cat 5/6 cable. The hubs and end converters use high frequency baluns to deliver frequencies up to 860 MHz without using any bandwidth on the network itself. The Lynx Television Network features a passive design with distribution hubs located in the wiring closets (IDFs) and end converters located at the point of use. High frequency RF baluns convert 75 ohm unbalanced signals into 100 ohm balanced signals that travel on pair four of a twisted pair cable. External amplifiers compensate for signal strength losses in the cable and splitter losses in the hubs. One external amplifier typically supports up to 24 TVs. RF balun technology uses the copper pathway in the network cable, but not the data network itself. No network bandwidth is consumed!

The Lynx Network provides many benefits relative to coax:

  • Less expensive in many applications
  • Technology bridge to IPTV
  • Simplicity – one type of horizontal cabling rather than two
  • Flexibility – moves, adds, and changes re easy
  • Reliability – no taps and splitters between the hub and the TV

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