Headend Chassis, Passive Frame, Multiple RU's Success

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The MCP-X11 chassis’ allow horizontal installation up to four MCP series passives in each 1RU of space. 

L Band Distribution Management (950-2150 MHz)

Model Number: MCP-511 & MCP-111PA

  • Modular design allows you to customize for specific signal management requirements

  • All L Band modular products can be mounted in any MCP series chassis

  • Up to 20 modules per 5 RU chassis

  • Amplifiers mounted in MCP-111PA modules with power supply

  • 950-2150MHZ pass band

  • Industry leading return loss and port-to-port isolation

  • Test port available on 4 way and 8 way

  • MCP-111PA-HAL18-2150, 18 dB gain

  • MCP-111PA-HAL20-2150, 20 dB gain



  • MCP-111 (1 RU)

  • MCP-211 (2 RU)

  • MCP-511 (5 RU)

  • T2L, triple 2 way

  • D4L-4 way

  • 4L-T, dual 4 way with test port

  • 8L, 8way

  • 8L-T, 8 way with test port

  • DLDC-20, dual -20dB directional

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