Full HD 1080p Multi-HDMI A/V Switcher Digital HDTV Tuner Receiver Media Box

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  • Full HD 1080p Multi-HDMI A/V Switcher Digital HDTV Tuner Receiver Media Box
  • Full HD 1080p Multi-HDMI A/V Switcher Digital HDTV Tuner Receiver Media Box


PHD-8VX2 is a truly innovated, unique high-end top level HD set top box available today! When in most cases at home, office, campus, stores and other places, connecting many different AV systems to HDTV may become a stressful work. In the end, video showing on your TV screen may not be good quality or fitting correctly into the screen. To enjoy consistent high-end video quality (up to 1080p) on each devices you connected to and ease the frustrations, PHD-8VX2 is your ultimate solution!! PHD-8VX2 can take every input (ATSC/QAM/NTSC, HDMI, DVI, YPbPr, VGA, Composite and S-video), then improve beautifully.

Furthermore, using internal powerful features, users have freedom and full control to adjust picture colors on each input, set up surround sound as well as refine-tune the video picture size to fit 100% in your TV screen.

Using the latest digital technology, PHD-8VX2 provides cinematical visual quality and gives video viewing more depth. And new generation advanced RF tuning, PHD-8VX2 ensures to receive better and steady channels ever before!

  • Best Companion Set Top Box for HD Projectors, Large screen HDTVs, Conference room and Home Theater TVs!
  • High-end, low cost HDMI A/V Switcher and Full 1080p Scaler Box for every video applications and best possible viewing experience.
  • Beautify your exiting satellite or cable box from PHD-8VX2 video enhancement technology.
  • All-in-one HDTV receiver and media hub unit perfectly used in many remote locations like on the boat, on the road, camping or others...
  • Excellent 2nd HD source (broadcast or cable) receiver for your multi rooms high-def entertainment system.
  • Exceptional 1080p scaling & enhancement on all inputs. Cinematical Visual Quality!
  • Custom Aspect Ratio adjustment. Give users full power on video over-scan control and re-cover 100% HD picture content on your screen.
  • Dual channel-scan database. Keep both OTA (ATSC) and cable (QAM/NTSC) channel information without re-scanning.
  • Individual picture (brightness, contrast, sharpness and etc.) adjustments on each input. Also include pre-set picture modes.
  • Cinema Mode 24 fps (3:2 Pulldown). PHD-8VX2 handles 24p mode from HDMI inputs, a handy feature for watching progressive-scan movie programs in their native 24-frame format..
  • Virtual surrounding sound and audio adjustments.
  • Accept hi-resolution PC video from both VGA/audio port and HDMI ports. Excellent viewing experience to see Youtube and Hulu videos on big screen TV.
  • MP3 audio and JPEG image playback via USB port.
  • Photo Frame capability and slideshow with optional background MP3 music playing.
  • Input labeling enables you to name the individual inputs to denote usage.
  • RS232 port communications to control PHD-8VX2 remotely.
  • New generation RF tuner reception. In some areas, PHD-8VX2 pick up more OTA (ATSC) and QAM/NTSC channels!


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