FIBT-1310 1310nm Fiber Optic Transmitter

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The FIBT-1310 (Fiber Optic Transmitter) is an ideal solution to seamlessly transport extremely high speed digital data over single mode optical fiber. The product is specifically designed to transport data streams which maintain conformance with the DOCSIS 3.1 standards and/or were generated utilizing high order quantization techniques, such as QAM 1024, 8PSK, AND COFDM.

The transmitter is available in power output levels ranging from +3 dBm (2 mW) to +15 dBm (31 mW) to satisfy various system topologies and supports an increased band-edge to 1218 MHz for DOCSIS 3.1 applications.

The FIBT-1310 is built with a directly modulated DFB laser, providing low noise and high linearity performance. The RF AGC and pre-distortion circuit insures the optimum laser drive level for the best overall CNR, CSO, and CTB operation.

Laser output power, unit temperature, and RF input level are accurately monitored by a built-in microprocessor shown on the front panel LCD display, in addition to the unit function messages. Remote status monitoring is provided through SNMP network management.

  • 47 to 1218 MHz RF bandwidth for DOCSIS 3.1 compatibility with GaAs technology
  • 1310nm DFB laser in 5 output powers (3, 6, 10, 12, 15 dBm)
  • RF AGC for optimum laser performance
  • LCD front panel status display with built-in microprocessor
  • SNMP network management for remote monitoring
  • ETL certified

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